Superman's Code Cracked

Okay, so I started thinking maybe Superman was a sort of Sun - god, like Thor is a thunder - god, and Wonder Woman is a half - god, and I became worried since Sun - gods are not always nice, in fact they are always connected with human sacrifice, also the killing, of slaves, and people . . When I saw Superman’s enemy, his Darkseid was spelled funny I tried to look at his symbol, and studied his symbol, trying to understand it, when I turn it up-side down it looks like a snake, so I made this concept, of what an evil Sun - god, mixed with the devil looks like, it’s Superman, his dark side . .


I started with me thinking maybe Superman was really a sun - god, since he’s so connected with the sun, uses it to heal himself, and so on . . So, I thought what if he wasn’t from ’ Krypton ', but just a sun - god, in disguise, and then I noticed Darkseid both looked like and had symbols of a God, turned upside down, the symbols Alpha and Omega, turned up-side down . .

Notice Darkseid is spelled funny, and also notice the Omega and Alpha symbols, from latin, also from science, is upside down in most cases, so I started thinking, may-be Superman’s symbol is also upside down and, then I started looking for other symbols, with five corners, like Superman’s shape, with S in it, and most used 5-point symbol is either a. a diamond, but Superman isn’t generally connected with diamonds, and the other is a pentagram . . The only other place we commonly see a shape like Superman’s 5-point symbol, with S inside, is inside pentagram, where the Devil’s head is . .

I know it’s a bit weird but, if it’s true then the drawing in the first post is Superman’s true costume, and like the symbols on Darkseid, his biggest enemy, when you turn it around and, make him a mixture of a sun - god, and the Devil, you get his true costume, and why he is always flying around, helping so many people, for free . . He wants people to worship him over God, and every time they think about him, they don’t worship God, or love him, they are focused on Superman, and admires him, instead, the Devil - - $

Notice how Darkseid’s Omega symbol is often turned up-side down, and how his name is spelled funny, like there’s something wrong with the lettering, a sort - of code, hidden in plain sight - -


Superman has another enemy called Mister Mxyzptlk, he can teleport in from another dimension, and is super-powerful but, saying his name back-wards banishes him, now the name ’ Mxyzptlk ’ almost sounds like mystery, and if you assume the words in Superman’s name are from two gods, from ancient Egypt, namely Amun-Ra ( called Amun-Re ), and Set, also called Sep, or Sp, you rearrange that an get, Amun-Sp-Re, and those letters spell Superman, just rearrange order . .

So, that’s why Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite, when you break his code, he can be killed, since no one wants Satan-sun, or Devil-sun as a hero, since he’s villain, enemy . . What is kryptonite, well it’s something that blows up or, destroys cryptic, puzzle things, like codes . . And, when you break Superman’s code, and find his true name it’s Amun-Sp-Re ( Amun-Set-Ra ), and he’s actually the devil, Satan - -

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