Supermarine Spitfire Aircraft

I’ve decided to model the Spitfire Mk.II. It’s my first real aircraft in 3D, so I hope to get some feedback later from blender airplane builders

I will try to make the final render using Cycles

I have already seen it on :). Show us a little bit more, please!

Hi Witold, the hardest part is searching for reference photos, it slows me down a lot because I want to make it realistic. There are several updates already and I’ll show more soon. Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

are you using photos or diagrams for reference

Photos and different plans/blueprints. Sometimes just the specified part isn’t visible. It takes some time but I will figure out what I can’t see

try old-school?

You mean small scale models as sources? Well, I use them too. I consider assembling one scale Spit later for fun, as I did yeeears ago.

Added few details around the cabin

Looking good!

Would this help?

Orthographic 3-view with dimmensions and major components labeled.

Minor note the Spitfire went through several design updates over the course of the war. For instance the C - E configurations (1943 +) had a 5-bladed propeller vice three and replaced the original wing-mounted browning .303 machine guns with the a set of Vickers XIV Cannon.

plrang: cockpit OK. I think that the upper aft part of the fitting between wing and the fuselage requires further work.

Hlynkacg: this is Spitfire Mk II (see the first post).

Thank You @Hlynkacg, and yes I’m trying to get close to the Mk.IIa as @witold has said. Those aircrafts despite of different versions had many modifications in between each model during the war so I just took one old photo and I try to stick with that particular machine.
Sure @Witold Jaworski, that wing is just a general outline yet, with only few simple details, will work on it soon. I prefer to not start with the details, otherwise I could stuck there :wink: