Supermarine Spitfire

I’m very new to blender (only used it for a couple of days.) Everything i’ve learned is through tutorials, and by looking on other peoples renders. I got some experience with 3d-modeling from POV-Ray and Wings 3D.
I’ve decided to try making a Supermarine Spitfire. I found a spec drawing of it: Drawing Link
(and yeah, i’ve made 4 propeller blades -not 3 as on the drawing, because the most spitfires has 4)

so far i’ve made this:

If anyone has ideas on how to make the flaps, alerons, and on how to make some decent texturing? as said, i’m fairly new in this…

I would appreciate C&C very much [!]

Nice! Looks real good for 5 days experience. For crits, first I’d put subsurf on. That will make it a lot smoother and more realistic. With subsurf on it will smooth out a lot of the edges that should be sharper. To fix this, you can either make another edge loop (Ctrl R) or select the edge to be sharpened and crease it (Shift E). As for the flaps, what I’m doing for the plane I’m working on is to just separate a flap shaped section from the wing ( P ) fill in the resulting empty faces on the edges, and, if subsurf is on, flatten out the edges the same way I said before. This is what it would look like… kinda simple, but I think it works. For texture, I’d look for some good UV mapping tutorials. You get much better results with that than with Blenders textures.

Thanks for your critics (the administrators has activated my other account, hence the new name)

I’ll have a look at it…

I decided to start all over again, to reduce the vertex count, and because it was easier, when i came to the flaps, and alerons
With subsurf (3) and set smooth turned on
The raw lowpoly model (1855 vertices total)[/img]

The newest updates on the model… - now ill hold a break for today…!
(and i know, that it shouldn’t have a line down the middle, but i only model half of it… - that’s the reason)
Hope you like it so far…

Pleace comment on it…!

I’ve never seen a Spitfire with a cockpit like that and I think it makes it look like a completely different plane. The wingtips also look like they should be rounder. Everything else is looking good so far!

The closed cocpit was not there for good… Heh… i just hadn’t opened it yet… Here, i’ve made the open cocpit, and i’ve checked the shape of the wings, and now they fit the drawing pretty tight…
Thanks for your critics… =)

Now, i’ve done some work on the cockpit, and a little on the fuselage…

Closeup of the cockpit (and it’s stille in two parts - hence the small empty triangles)

The cockpit looks good now.

Looks good :slight_smile: No crits at the moment.

Now the wings-to-fuselage connection is enhanched, bulbs on the wings modelled, rear tyre modelled, telewire modelled and the small rear window behind the pilot created.

Now, i’ve tried to texture the wings, and i’ve also tried to put a “thing” under the wing (actually don’t know what it is for - not engine cooling, as the engine is placed upfront)

Please comment on my wingtexture (never tried to texture anything before) and give proposals for how to improve it…

I’ve also made the hood of the engine seperate from the fuselage. (not that evident)


Now, i’ve used some hours on the texturing…
The wing texture, i am starting over again, when i get the time. It need the stickers, and the gun should be another colour, and the underside is not textured, but here you can get an idea of how it looks…

C&C, please…!

p.s. i’m not finished with the texuring


Looking great so far!

Nice textures!!

Now, i’ve tried to create some outdoor lightning, and put a background on.
I’ve also finished texturing it.

I know, that you are supposed to see the ground, when looking from this perspecitive, but it was the only high res. photo i had for it.

Please comment.
I’ve considered placing this one in the “focused critique” to see if i can get some serious response for improvement.

I’ve worked on it for quite some time now…


Wow. This looks really good. I don’t have anything to crit except some blur on the propeller would look nice.

Yeah… - i agree… and i had started a render of it, but i aint fully into how it works, and this model takes over 1 minut to render, and i don’t have the patience to wait for 10-20 renders for one blur image, and then find out that it’s wrong…! Hehe

Now, it have rendered overnight, and motion blur is added…
It has taken approx. 1 hr 43 minutes…!

But here it is =) think it turned out fairly well


it looks awsome