Supermassive Blackhole


(BlackRainbow) #21

Not like it’s necessary, but after seeing bunch of “correct colored” black hole renderings i tried to do a red shifted version. Just playing. Feel free to write any ideas, feedback/critique is more than welcome!

(Felix Kütt) #22

I mean, I agree, it makes sense for there to be red-shift there. :slight_smile:

Though I’d rather have created a mask to shift hue and saturation of appropriate pixels towards red in post.

(BlackRainbow) #23

It does make sense. Though i still think it would not be too monotone. I hope so. We’ll see when event horizon telescope will release it first picture. That’s when things will get really interesting. By the way, i did color correct it to red in post.

At mean time here is a try with another angle.

(Felix Kütt) #24

Looks awesome.

Yeah, I don’t expect the result to be monotone. Rather I expect the gravitational lensing to result in a gradient of increasing red shift. :slight_smile:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #25

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(BlackRainbow) #26

Thax Bart!


Great work man! Put as a wallpaper here and looks beautiful!

(const) #28

I wonder if it would be possible to expand cycles with new physically accurate equations. Such as gravitational waves or doppler effects. It might open the doors for new possibilities and experimentation.

(Elias Romero) #29

Reminds me of an ocean, the lighting and design is very well mixed and stable.

(centauri) #30

As cycles is based on RGB rather than frequencies this might become a hard issue, at least a lot of faking is necessary. Once you start faking you could also do it in post pro much quicker :wink:
I’d rather go for luxcore in that case, which has the better preconditions for this very niche type of problem. It is open source as well

(const) #31

Oh, I see. It might worth a shot to combine the best of both worlds and with a bit of compositing magic get even more accurate results.

(BlackRainbow) #32

It would indeed be great to have these kind of features in cycles or in other pathtracer. I’m particularly thinking about lensing, gave a lot of thought to doing it in cycles, other effects could be at least partually accomplished with shaders. But lensing requires new way of tracing rays, or in this case, curves. I doubt it’s anywhere near possible in either cycles or lux. But i may be wrong. Would be happy if proved wrong.