Superposing of different movements of one bone?


I am just exploring the Action and NLA Editor.
Now I came across a problem, from which I dont know, whether
it is generated by myself ;), not a problem at all or a bug in blender
(I am using CVS-Blender 2.41++).

For experimenting I did the following:
Moving the bone to rest position (ALT-R) at frame 1.
IKEY: LocRotSize->IPO
Set framecounter to 30
Rotate bone horizontally only.
IKEY: LocRotSize->IPO
Now I have one action

To create the second action:
Moving the bone to rest position (ALT-R) at frame 1.
IKEY: LocRotSize->IPO
Set framecounter to 30
Rotate bone vetically only.
IKEY: LocRotSize->IPO

Make two stripes of the two actions in NLA via SHIFT-AKEY.
Switch NLA Editor to NLA not IPO mode.
Playback the two stripes…and…oh miracle:
Only ONE of the two visible stripes are played back!
I deleted that one from the NLA window and played back again
and now the second one “wins”…

My problem: How can I superpose both movements without
combining datablocks themselves into combined actions?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Keep hackinG!

I’m willing to be told I’m wrong but I think you can’t overlay two different actions on the same bone. You can overlay a walk action with a hand wave action because they affect different bones. But I think the actions are treated in order with each subsequent action taking precedence over the previous one and since you have one action telling the bone to go this way and another action telling it to go a different way, the second action wins.

I think.

Hi AndyD!

:O) I find it out just half a minut before, how this might work:

Suppose you have two NLA stripes, both regarding movements of the
same bone in two different directions. Select one strip, press NKEY,
the properties dialog pops up and in there you will find two buttons.
Press button “Add”.
The effect seems to be what I would have exspected, but I dont know,
whether the Add button was designed for this purpose… :O)

Another question:
Normally, I will IKEY a position of a bone in frame 1 and another position
of the same bone at - say - frame 30.

The result is an IPO-Curve, which results in an action from which I
can SHIFT-AKEY a NLA strip.

Suppose, after all work has been IKEYed and all NLA-stripes are done
and the final animationruns…one recognizes that one movement of a
bone does not move far enough.

Simple one think: Change the IPO-Curve a little…BUT!
How can I get the IPO-Curve(s) for a certain NLA strip/action???
It will notz automaticall selected while selecting a NLA-stripe…

Any ideas ?

Keep hacking!