SuperWu vs Sagor ( WC comics )

I heard about this one a little late, but here’s my rough, where Sagor has his mojo inhibitor ray device, and SuperWu is helpless to save Betty…loosely based on my animation project of course, which will be slightly different.


lookin good in those tight pants super wu, lookin good!

haha, cool stuff modron, and more is discovered about what your animation will be, haha!

not much time to finish this one, besides take a look dude, no chance you will beat my entry!

Totally righteous card, dude:cool: , here’s the color version, I may just leave it like this, or do some more shading and detailing.

here’s the finished version

Super Wu Comix… FREE!!! I’d be willing to pay three times that for anything to do with the Super Wu-Man legend.

I like the comic, but Super-Wu has been everywhere in the weeks since he first popped up. getting dizzy Heck there was recently yet another person working on a Super-Wu.

yes, kansas (cyborgdragon), the cult of wu has certainly grown. you have no doubt been extremely busy expressing your intense bitterness toward him in as many ways and as many threads as possible.

Because sometimes I simply hate these huge cult things, eventually this forum will get overrun by this cultist behavior and chaos will ensue.

How could so many people love a guy with big enough buckteeth to serve as piano keys?

hey, what’s wrong with piano-key teeth? are you saying that the source of all goodness in the universe as we know it (and probably a lot more) is funny looking?
BTW, I’m looking forward to the animation.

You’ll probably think it’s funny until you tap it and ♪♪♪ comes out