Hi Guys

This is a project which I’ve been working on this week. Its a low poly superyacht, my intentions are to get it into Xplane and also have ago with the ocean sim with a bit of luck.

Anyway pretty far down the road really, only diffuse textures at the moment and also got to build the deck furniture and odds and ends to give it a little detail. I’ll put a helo on the back for the blender renders.

Thanks for looking


Looks great. How many poly is it currently at

I see you went for the duel helipad instillation lol Looks great

Hey guys thanks for your posts:D Anyway i got the ship into x plane yesterday and it runs pretty well. I’ll continue tweaking the model and update shortly.

Chuk its saying 55,000 in blender which seems high to me but a lot lower than most of my other projects, most of are in the hundreds of thousands!

So i should say its a low poly for me model:yes:

Thanks for looking


55k is low… especially for a whole boat… i suck at low poly models and usually end up giving up the low poly thing and going wild… into the tens of millions (the joys of a quad core)

what! tens of millions? are u sculpting entire cities or what? lol…
nice yacht btw :slight_smile: ill have one :smiley: