supper laser cool down

hi, i have made my game, and it’s going pretty well, i have a setup that creates a laser on left click, that takes off 1 from the enemy’s health.

i also have a plan for a SUPPER LASER!!! that has a long cool down, but instantly kills everything in it’s path. but i can’t get the cool-down to work, i have the cool-down bar on an overlay scene that runs an ipo animation to show the laser building up, but i can’t get the laser to actually communicate with the loading bar.

it should be easier to understand if you look at the actual file:

as proof that this isn’t some virus i have made a few posts about this game before:

i made the game with only me ever making it in mind, so it may be a little indecipherable, if so PM me.

thanks in advance

bump ma’ post

A supper laser you say? :eyebrowlift2:

Lol, I think you mean super.

If you use a timer property, you can then use a property sensor. So if the timer property is over 3.0 (thats 3 seconds) then connect it to the script/actuators that make the laser shoot. You can the use a property actuator to set the timer property back to 0.0

There is also a delay sensor, which is pretty handy.

Hey! could you tell me how to make something take HP off the main character?
I’ve been looking for a tutorial for it for ages! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx for your help, i actualy ended up figuring it out for my self.

…maybe i did mean supper:eek:

i’ll repost my blend because i’ve figured out how to do health as well, if you can figure it out then i’m perfectly happy for you to use it: