Support BA migration

Hi everyone,

This is semi off-topic, but highly relevant to the future of BA. There is already a thread in the BA section, but it’s possible you’ve missed it. is moving from the vBulletin to Discourse forum platform. There is currently a campaign to fund data migration beyond just 12 months (which has already been funded). So far, only ~170 people have supported the campaign, which is a small fraction of those who use the site regularly.

If you can give anything to the campaign, even £5, it will greatly increase the chance of the full migration happening (and I believe you only give that money if the total pledges reach the necessary amount).

The history of BA is a huge asset to its users, and it would be a shame to lose it.

It’s been like a ghost town around here for a while. I don’t know how many people will even see this.
Still, there is a lot of important stuff in the archives, usually when I have a problem a google search links to an old post on here where someone else has had the same problem. Lets hope they find a way to get it funded.