Support bmesh, help Joe to BlenConf

Joeedh need financial help to be able to attend the Blender Conference:

I’ve decided to go to BlenConf this year, so I’m starting a donation drive to help pay for it. At BlenConf, I’ll have access to key developers to finalize trunk integration plans, and a great many artists for testing. I should be able to resolve a great many issues, and work with other developers to best plan out trunk integration.

Let’s make this happen!

good thing I was actually determined to sign up to paypal come hell or high water I gave a little something. comeone people spread the love and lets make this happen every little bit helps

1, 2, 3, 4, … (counting the seconds until the haters arrive :rolleyes:)

I hope he can make it there! I wish I could donate but financially not possible at the moment :/.

Just bumping this up in case it was missed