support for dual screens and multiple instances

I am wondering if Blender does or is slated in the future to… support dual screens?

My other question is if you have 2 instances of blender open is data between the 2 instances pertainable? That is to say if I have copy vertices in one instance of blender and try to mirror in the other will this type of thing work? (This question probably exposes my noob-i-ness, becuase there prolly is an easier way to copy vertices/meshes between blend files.)

More important is the dual screen question. Having that kind of screen real estate would really help with large environments and builds.


I don’t think you can copy stuff from one instance to another (tho you can just use the “append” option), however I’m running blender on two monitors and it works flawlessly… It’s fantastic :slight_smile:


I already use Blender on two screens. Quadro FX 550 with dual-head DVI outputs, one going to a 19" CRT, the other to a 19" LCD. Works like a charm with no special tweaking. Of course, you DO have to set up all your working Blender real estate differently, but that’s a one-time price to pay.

Dual screens is simple. Search blenderartists and you will find, for linux or windows.

instances of blender i guess you may be talking mdi, probably microsoft terminology but having multiple blend files open in one blender environment, i’ve sometimes thought that would be useful for copy/paste type stuff rather than apending/linking. depending on your newbieness you could look at apending/linking

The verse stuff in cvs blender should be able ot let you share one work set across different blender instances.