Support for multi-button mice

In the it lists only three buttons: left, right and middle.
This is what most mouse have, but many gaming mice have more.

Is there any support for these?
If not, are there plans to?

Hi sdfgeoff. I already use my gaming mouse in blender. If you assign the buttons to key strokes plus modifiers, each button can have more than one operation. I use steer mouse for mac but if you use windows im sure you can do it with the mouse software.

I was actually just about to have a look at the source code and can see what it says regarding the mouse operations while I’m at it.

Sorry sdfgeoff, you are speaking of the game engine. My mistake.

i posted an excerpt from the mousedevice code from the blender gameplayer regarding this topic but i guess it’s not allowed. essentially it shows that left, right, middle, wheelup and wheeldown are the only supported inputs from the mouse(aside from x,y position changes).

If you find out how to do it, could you post it here? I’ve been looking for a way to add multi-touch touch screen input in too. Half the touchscreen monitors I see don’t trigger ‘left click’ sensors.