Hi man

as we know at this time is working on “our” part of blender only one person.

so, what about do the “same” thing like Ton did on the beggining to make blender opensource?
I think that all of us can make BlenderGameEngine be better without knowledge of code.

let’s extra bank account for kester and coders that want to work on it

I think that if there will be some need for make better some part that is more bugy or we wan’t it, let’s get money to other coders to help us.
please kester make yourself(for gameengine coders) bank account, and I (we)will send money especialy to support this part of Blender.

Please help ourself and BlenderEngine !
HEY guys, what do you think about it ?

I waiting for number to bank account !!!

(sorry for EN but you will understand)jm

Nice idea.

Me too.

I waiting for number to bank account.

Well sounds awesome, I’m prepared to pay some money for it if some persons can really code on the game engine. But when I pay I’ll see that it’s really going to be improved then. No idea if Ton agrees wiht it, but it’s a good idea. :smiley:

Next to that, we can all try to make some good games and sell them for a nice little amount of money. Then donate this money to the GameBlender Foundation. :slight_smile: I’m also prepared to write a game engine book as download able pdf that people can buy for some little money. :slight_smile:

Well inform us what is going to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

at a near future I’ll have enough money to donate what helps me have this money :wink:


Donations would be pretty good. They’re a good amount of Blender users around the world, but I’m guessing the minority of the users use the game engine. So you can only donate that much money to actually pay someone to code for the game engine. Kester’s the greatest for coding the game engine and not getting paid for it currently. Donations would only fall short after awhile.

Next to that, we can all try to make some good games and sell them for a nice little amount of money.

Now this is an idea I’d be going for. There’s more or less pretty decent to godly game engine users around here. Instead of separate team projects, I say we have a community project organized. All we need is a project leader that won’t bail and someone to take care of the money (make sure it’ll be going to development of the game engine). Then all of us can contribute to the project and in the end have a finished product that can be advertised and sold.

So what do you guys think?

Jason Lin

Now this is an idea I’d be going for.

I like this idea too, mainly because I don’t have much money. Maybe it could be sold with that as a come on. You know, like,all proceeds from this game go to the Blenger game engine development. I think it should be downloadable and not too expensive or large, and be more based on fun to play than showing off engine characteristics. What if we each submit a demo concept and then vote on which could be expanded into a saleable game?

For my opinion, though. Even though I think the current engine should continue to be upgraded, I think it would be best to use Ogre and Ode for the Blender game engine. They’re open source like Blender and being worked on by a bunch of programmers who already have them in current running condition. That’s what I plan on spending my programming time on. Hopefully it’s possible and would be much easier to maintain the engine that way. I plan on pursuing it on my own and am definately not asking for any money and wouldn’t accept it.

However it gets done I am more than happy to add a financial contribution to Blender’s game engine. I think its one of Blender’s coolest and most unique features!!


Making a game together seems like a great idiea but would we be willing to listen to our leader? Would we be willing to take what took us 2 weeks of work and completely redo it just for the sake of vision or storyline? In my opionion, if we want to make something cool (other than another shoot em up game) it will require this level of detail and shared vision.


Yeah I like the idea about selling that game. I still know that the simple Winnie the Pooh eater from Nor.J was downloaded from bittorent server more then thousand times. Let’s say we ask 1 dollar for it or even less. Then we get a nice amount of money and that was just a simple game.

Or we can make some new bunch of character, elements, textures and sounds samples for a Blender resource cd for the e-shop. Well I finish my website first and then talk with Ton about this idea, maybe we can do something.

The 2th idea is more bug reporting (see blender 2.35 topic in game engine forum)

I doubt a community project would work. Everyone has their own ideas of what they want to make, and it often causes conflicts when trying to unify a project. I find from experience most people aren’t happy working entirely under someone elses vision.

Making donations to develop certain features and support development of the game engine is an excellent idea. I would certainly be interested in seeing this be set up.

Alternatively a game engine resource CD for sale in the e-shop would be a great idea too.

  • making a game resource Cd
  • making decent game that thousands of people could buy
  • donating money only for game engine
  • and making a community project that would work

…this could work… but what are the things we want to see in the game engine?

I think the guy’s advice on the other forum about bug reports will probably help the developers the most. They probably could use some donations for expenses, but no one’s doing this stuff for the money. Testing is an important service that anyone can do regardless of skills. A team project has a 99.9% chance of failure but might be fun. The idea that one person should be in charge seems to fail because it’s a free deal. Maybe someone will come up with a formula where there is enough creative input for everyone in a project that doesn’t provide material reward. There seems to be weird things happen like someone thinks an effect or something is more important than a game concept, or people promise what they can’t deliver, or just get bored after a few days. Definately need a game design statement that everyone agrees on before hand and some kind of schedule and broad assignments that give each individual enough creative input yet work together on a larger scale. No matter what happens, it’s an experience that you learn from and hopefully causes growth. No matter what you do, there’s someone that says it won’t work. If you listen to them, it definately won’t.

well paying for freeing the blender source isn’t the same as paying programmers to code/implement features into the engine.
in this case blender wouldn’t be totally free anymore cause u “have” to pay to see evolutions :-?
alien-xmp is really doing a great job, but if a day he decides to quit :-? then the engine will be dead meat…for this i agree with fireside and if we should pay for something, it would be to open blender to other engines, for it’s future.

well, if anyone have a lot of money, then donate is a good thing…but i think that a “community cd” would be great.
Doing a “commercial” quality game, even simple, i don’t think that it’s possible with the current state of the engine…cause in theses D3 and HL2 days, peoples are used to fancy graphics, and there is a large amount of gamers that are not paying theirs games…so don’t even think of paying for an “amateur” game.

Well we could make a demo cd, that show all good things of the game engine, like:

  • testing sources (test current features, physics and more)
  • demonstartion sources (walking characters, ai, scenes, walktroughs)
  • some games (finished games and so on)
  • tutorials, (getting started)
  • scripts,
  • demonstration videos
  • game engine trailer
  • game engine current source
  • Blender3D for more platforms

any good? The only things we need to know is, how much the shipping costs, burning those cd’s, and a simple cover print. Total prize + 25% and then we got a nice cd to sell I think.

We could also set up a foundation for the game engine like they did with bringing blender back. No idea if this is a good idea.

if blender only had the features like ogre 3d… :-?

Hmmm, there was a past post that talked about integrating ogre and torque into Blender.

peoples are used to fancy graphics

:-? Yeah, scherten might be right. People are quite spoiled with good graphics these days. Although I still think a community game is still a great idea.

  1. If it could be sold, it can generate more money to keep Blender running.
  2. If it is sold or can’t be sold, either way if it’s a good game, it’ll gain more popularity for the Blender game engine.
  3. After some time the finished game is released, the objects, effects, scripts from the game, could be put together in a resource CD detailing it’s use and maybe how it was created.

There’s really no downside to it, except for it not being completed. First we should find a particular game the community wants to create. Talk about it like crazy, formulate ideas, concept art and do all the planning in the beginning. After most of the ideas are worked out we can just make the game instead of having things change drastically halfway into making the game. Next is finding a project leader that won’t bail, just someone who’ll put the whole thing together. If there’s money involved just have it sent directly to the Blender foundation. Those that are working on the game, unfortunately shouldn’t get paid for anything. This is because it’ll make things too complicated and we want as much money going into the future development of the game engine as possible.

Jason Lin

Hmmm, there was a past post that talked about integrating ogre and torque into Blender.

Like I said, someone always says it won’t work. I have no idea if it will or not, but I doubt they really did either. You would have to do a full examination of the source code and experiment with it. One guy doing it might sound dumb, but it’s a start to find out if it’s doable. If it is, and he can prove it, other people will get interested. It has a model importer for Blender that includes animation, which pretty much means it can be done.

If we are leaning towards doing a game for sale it should be VERY simple. Mainly so that it can be completed. Also so that it will appeal to the largest audience possible. PopCap Games makes very good games that are simple.

  • Project leader
  • Texture artist
  • maps/levels modeller
  • characters/decorations modeller(both modellers can do maps and characters)
  • someone who can make cool sound effects
  • and someone who will make a website for the game - webmaster…

there can be lots of other jobs… “I hope” it ‘would’ work
but if you guys would make a simple game it would take only 3 persons…

If you need any character modeled just gimme the art and poly limit.