Support Uebergame - A free open source FPS-game

Some time ago I announced my free CC0 textures site here, but this is just a side project, since my main goal is to create a free open source FPS-game.
After the site was done, I could spend time on developing the game again, you can follow the progress on:

It started as a hobby project, but now I realize that such a project is too time consuming and costly for being just a hobby and so I try to find some support now.
My game is using Torque3D as an engine, since it is one of the most suited engines for my project, blender is used for modeling and level design. Yes, there have been many rumors about all the big engines going free now, but they are all still non-free to free software definitions and so not usable for my project. I want a really free and open source alternative.

My texture site is still there and I update it regularly in the spare time. There is enough traffic left, so you don’t have to worry about download quota or so.