Support VSwarm! Awesome Free Blender Render Farm!

A great site that’s worth checking out is VSwarm, a fairly new render farm which supports Blender, as well the the Luxrender external renderer. You can find it here >>>

Everyone starts out with 1000 credits to spend on project they need rendered, although I’m not sure how far that gets you, and credits can be earned by contributing to the computing power of VSwarm.

It’s easy to set up and use, there is a small installation issue some people have encountered, including myself, but I was able to remedy it in no time at all.

There is even talk of people making money by supplying their computers!

Please show your support and sign up now!

Eh, I tried it for a couple of months and all I got was a larger electric bill. My credits kept fading before I could get any render time. Maybe it’s better now, but from a practical standpoint I could render faster on my single machine rather than waiting in line for days to get a turn on the swarm.

I believe it’s made some improvements since you last used it. I’ve left my computer on for a few days, and I’ve earned over 1000 credits.

I think it could be worth giving a second shot, if you’re open to it. :slight_smile:

New like well over 3 years old? :wink:
Funny enough it still has the “Alpha” tag on it’s homepage and the forum in 2011 was already asking if it was discontinued.

I think it’s bad and the system as well if it hasn’t changed.
About 2 years back, I immediately added 3 quadcores and wanted to hook 14 more Quads in the Swarm to contribute, to earn credits, just to find out, you don’t keep them and your priority degrades.
It simply degrades over time. So I offer hardware and pay the electricity, and when I actually need the power of the swarm back, my credits simply had vanished.
A great system where you can’t save up when you’d need the swarm.

Addressing the topic in the forum it pretty much was “Yeh, not perfect, but that’s the way it is.”
Wasn’t a hard decision to disconnect my machines from the swarm. I am all for community and “quid pro quo” but not this way.

Purely judging from your profile pic you don’t pay your own electricity bill, most likely got your computer(s) from your parents as well.
If I take the acquirement of the hardware and the electricity bill into account, I rather buy rendertime at a commercial farm than investing in a community farm.

It might be nice for hobby users, but if you need to render commercially and hit a deadline, a service where you might have enough priority available to finish the job, or not is simply put useless.

Yeah, I realized that the site was outdated a little while ago, sorry I didn’t mention in this thread.

No I don’t pay for my own electricity, but every computer I’ve owned I’ve had to pay for out of my own pocket. Don’t make assumptions based on someone’s profile picture, that’s just plain rude.

It’s not rude, it’s the internet. You can’t know people here. You’ll need a thicker skin around here.

And it’s called combinatorics or deduction, not assumption - an assumption is a wild guess without substance.

Your profile picture looks like you’re still young.
You’ve been overly enthusiastic about something that you haven’t researched properly (didn’t even check this forum to see that it’s been mentioned years ago).
Thus I could make an educated guess that you’re still young, which would most likely imply you’re living with your parents, which usually means you don’t have an income.
And I am pretty sure you didn’t knew how much money will go towards the electricity bill either. When I was young, electricity was something coming out my parent’s walls :wink: