Supported File types

Okay so I know that Blender is uber cool, but I was wondering if it supports and other type of files like maya or lightwave or something like that? I have looked through all the documentation as best I could.

Hmm, really? Just look under File and then either Import or Export. There are many import/export scripts available, and most ship with Blender.

thanks for the help…

I realise this is a real old post and has been answered; but, I would like to know what kind of file types I need to download or scan so as to be able to get my Blinder2.42a to use I have Gimp and files I save there wont even load up. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I want to take photos or sketches I have made and animate them.

Unless I am not understanding what you are asking, you are talking about apples and oranges here. This post was originally about 3d file formats.

Gimp uses 2d file formats. Not the same thing at all. But depending on what you are doing, the 2 are not mutually exclusive. Blender can use 2d images as textures, backgrounds etc. You could conceivably animate 2d images by applying them to a plane and having them change every so often.

The file formats blender likes best are TGA, PNG and JPG. But remember you don’t OPEN them in blender, you would be applying them as a texture to a plane or cube type object.

I think i have figured out my mistake. What Ineed to do is use the imagry as a background image and then I can render a 3d image of it. I guess I just need to surf the web more for the info.