Supporting Blender Artists on Patreon

I don’t mean to drop the ads first, rather to do the annual campaign first, saying if we get enough funds we could.

I don’t don’t have any real say in the matter, but personally, I’d rather avoid that. It’s one of the things that really annoys me on the occasion that I have to visit Wikipedia. It never feels annual. It feels perpetual… and in-your-face annoying… moreso than ads.

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Yeah I understand. I’m not against the use of ads here personally (it just depends a bit on what ads though. It would be nice to see some open hardware companies like Purism, System76 or Lulzbot from time to time and less closed-source software).

To my knowledge there’s no perpetual fundraiser campaign on Wikipedia though. Even if you don’t donate it lasts a good week and then it’s away for the rest of the year so I’m not sure why you said perpetual. Anyway Wikipedia was not a very good example because their campaign, while being annual, is quite invasive, not so good looking and almost moralizing and begging you when they’re actually doing more than fine. So I wasn’t thinking of doing the exact same thing. Rather something visually appealing, with some good CG image made for the occasion. I should have used the example of the Code Quest instead.

This is perhaps something we could discuss in a closed topic, i too have several things i’d like to bring up regarding the site that i think will improve the overall user experience.

Perhaps this is a good time to engage in that conversation?

On a side note, i do like the idea of an annual donation event, however perhaps do something more with it, like link it to an anual BA contest with prices? I dunno, i also agree with Fweeb’s “inn your face” argument. So its difficult indeed.

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You guys should be way more shameless. If most users realized your Patreon is only getting 45$ a month, they’d probably be more willing to donate. But when they can’t see it, they think it’s probably fine.

You should really put some kind of Patreon status widget/direct link on the homepage somewhere.


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Why no Gumroad ?

There is no integration between Discourse and Gumroad available yet.

I see, that makes sense. thanks

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Noticed the big orange ‘donate’ link today. I was surprised by how few people are supporting like this. My income is rather irregular at the moment, so I’m afraid I can only go for the lowest tier, but I’d imagine every little helps. TBH I don’t mind seeing appropriate adverts either though. This site and Blender Nation are both whitelisted on my Adblocker as it is, although Blender Nation still “complains” about it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks John! I’m aware of the issue on BN, I hope to get that fixed this week.

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Hi @bartv, are there also alternative channels for donations, other than Patreon?

Hey Metin! I stopped taking small donations through PayPal as the accounting costs were just too high. I still accept PayPal for larger donations though :wink: (You could do a yearly support that way, for example). Alternatively you could buy me a beer some time - we still live around the corner!

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Thanks @bartv. The thing is that I have recently deleted my Patreon account because I wasn’t doing anything with it. :slightly_smiling_face: On top of that, I’ve heard that European citizens are forced to pay 21% VAT on top of their Patreon donations, or could that be solved if I enter my company’s VAT number?

And having a beer on an Amsterdam terrace, or maybe at the Blender Institute sounds good! :beer::+1:

How can I get you paypal account? I don´t want to get a patreon account and give out my information to yet another company.

It depends on the amount, for smaller donations I don’t accept PayPal anymore because my accounting costs were more than the donation :frowning_face: PM me if you want details.

I was hesitating because I was unsure of what article 13 (now 17) will bring for us.
Now that I see we keep on going… Well, count me in :wink:

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Edit: $20 donated. Good for a year.

I’m still getting banner ads even when I’m a Patreon supporter.

Seems it’s kind of random. Sometimes ads pop up, sometimes they stay away.

Also it probably would be better to add a real Patreon button up there so people wouldn’t have to dig through this thread to know that it actually exists. I bet many people would happily join if they just knew about it. I’m much less likely to hit any donation button as I will assume it’s only a one time thing.