Suppressed SMG

From Halo 3: ODST. My first model that I’ve actually finished from reference images, suprisingly, and only me second gun (the first was absolute crap).

about 28400 faces, matte textures because I just…can’t UV map.


titles and information done in Corel Paint Shop pro XI.

Really nice!

very nice work. I think you should take a break from modeling all together, and focus all your energy on learning how to uv map and create textures. It seems many people can model decently, but modeling is only 1/5th of the 3d pipeline. You can sell a crap model with good textures, but if your textures suck, your model will look sucky no matter what you do imo. Plus a complete model fully textured is just a helluva lot more impressive than a matte model.

really cool…good job man

Keep it up, great work, modeling this good stands alone IMHO.

It’s a bit dark on my monitors though.