Supreme Leader Snoke

Self Quarantine resulting in some personal artwork.
Here’s Supreme Leader Snoke…
Sculpted and Textured in Zbrush. Hair and Lookdev done in Blender.


A character who deserved to be the ultimate villain in the final Star Wars saga film. He would also have had an interesting backstory if the director of The Last Jedi had given him a chance to be developed.

But, no. Instead, his apprentice was the secondary villain in the entire sequel trilogy. Such wasted potential, given from the amount of time for filming the film to be finished.

I’ve only watched The Force Awakens once, but I thought Snoke was a cool villain in the trilogy for his mysterious appearance. I was disappointed in the director for the lack of backstory for Snoke.

That’s just me about Snoke.

Other than that, good job in keeping his appearance true to the source material. It is spot-on.