Surface Deform - Modifier

Hey, I have a quick question:
Can the surface deform - modifier be ranked as rigging. After all the modifier establishs a connection and subordination between surfaces. And creating connections between objects is pretty much the task of rigging, right?

I consider it part of rigging, although there’s not really much in the way of effort involved, not like setting up good bone relationships.

But why’s it matter? It’s just a function of how anybody defines “rigging”. They can define that a hundred different ways. But a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Thank you very much for your response!
I consider it important for myself to maintain theoretical knowledge parallel to working in blender. Therefore I have read several books about animation and wrote everything down, that I thought was relevant. It turns out that everything, that is being done in 3d animation can be categorized in MODELING, SURFACING, RIGGING, ANIMATION (, RENDERING). I just wasn’t sure where the surface deform-modifier belongs.

I don’t think most things belong so cleanly in those categories.

You can use a surface deform modifier as a modelling tool as well, for example.

At its root, animation is a subset of modelling. What you’re doing is you’re making a new model for every frame.

Rigging is the process of limiting (and creating, but mostly limiting) the parameters that can be used to model those new frame-models so that they’re a little easier to create and so that unexpected errors are less likely.

In a way, rigging is like creating a tiny subset of modelling tools, a mini-Blender suite, a MS Paint to Adobe Photoshop, so that animators can model without having too many choices to be able to do it in a reasonable amount of time.