SurfAce Diagnostics - Addon for evaluating surface quality

Glad I can share with you my first public Addon.
Main feature is Curvature Graph, which I wanted to have for a long time.
Assets (diagnostic Materials + Curvature Graph as GN modifier) are for free and
assets + UI combo is paid.
you can find the assets blend file also here.
Surface_Diagnostics_Assets.blend (2.3 MB)
Expect updates with more interesting stuff.
Looking for your feedback!


I think this a very good add-on for many like me now I don’t have much time evaluate better, I use a lot the SubD that I convert into Nurbs with many tools, and from what I saw this seem making better the modelling for Nurbs application with less errors.Thanks
I’ve already spread the new on social with a video made from yours images and GIFs on BM :smirk:

awesome, glad its useful!

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Oh waw :heart_eyes: I’ll buy it soon

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