Surface Glossyness

How can I create a glossy surface like so:

The above picture was made with 3dsmax.

Ray Mirror–> Fresnel

Pay no heed to crusader alpha, for he knows not what he speaks.

I’m reasonably sure that anisotropic reflection is NOT available yet, though you could just apply a really high-detailed noisy bump map to something with raymirror on.

crusader alpha does not know of what he speaks.
As far as I know BlackBoe is right. The only way to accomplish such an effect is via a nor map.

I dont know how to correctly define Freshnel. But from what I’ve found through playing with it, no freshnel makes the entire object reflective and a higher freshnel makes only the edges reflective. Is that right people?

Just give it a try with yafray, settings col 0.8/0.8/0.8
shaders: ref 0, spec 0.5, hard 50, ray mirror 0.93, frsofs. 5.00, Depth. 6
For a simple scene like a plane with a cube and 2 lamps it works fine, but there is room for improvement.

sorry I forgot, IOR 24

Hm, actually I would not call that anisotropic reflection…more a blurred reflection, which does not really depend on Fresnel settings (and really not on IOR…that’s for transparency…). But if some expert can say some more on that, please do so and verify.
But yeah, you can achieve that via a) a small bump map, as mentioned above or b) via .xml editing in Yafray - check out the Docs at if you’re interested in that.

Yeah you can manually set conetracing in yafray’s xml files. That’s a little woogy and hard to get at, though, and I thought he meant in blender.

Sorry guys, I was wrong. Obviously. Pay no heed to sleepy words.

i probably dont either know of what i speak, but couldnt you use a black-to-white vertical blur image tex to tell how much of a very fine noise tex to use over the mirror material? Increasing thresholds would make more noise come in at the top (and none at the bottom where the tex is black=0)? I did a little test and it seems to have the same net effect, in that a reflection further away (toward the top) is noiser/blurrier…

does the stopwatch show render time in minutes and seconds??? wow…I’m spoiled if it does. Anyway, how about a piece of frosted glass around the mirrored cube, like a real mirror. Frosting could scatter and blur the reflection; apply a black to white vertical gradient texture to multiply the frost…