Surface optimizer - unable to find

Greetings, blenderartists! I just came to request a bit of help in my attempt to find a script/add-on:

Basically, it was a poly optimizer, but it didn’t alter the mesh. An example of its usage would be to transform a subdivided plane back into a polygon.

I can’t really remember how that tool was called(neither if it was a script or add-on), but what I know for sure is that it had 2 demo screenshots that looked similar to these (in terms of functionality):

“Before using script”

“After using script”

I’ve searched for it myself too, but perhaps I’m using the wrong words/terms:no:… I would really appreciate if somebody could help me find it. :yes:

The decimate modifier will get some way to that
For blender 2.49 there is the poly reducer script
Or use meshlab

Another tool that works great for this is Limited Dissolve. You can find it via the Spacebar Search Menu. It will remove any faces under the designated angle threshold.

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