Surface overlay wrong in models when start BGE

inside 3D view i look this (is correct) with texture view and GLSL (backface culling on)

but when i start BGE (in standalone) some faces overtake everyone else, i tried to adjust normal, but seems that the little black face of concrete block is over every thing else in the model (note: another object can cover it)

what basic thing i’m doing wrong? (material have a 0.000 Ztransparency, and a PNG image gives the alpha/diffuse values) backface culling On.

Hi, Kellylarossa
try material settings - game settings - alpha blend: alpha clip

ty so much ^^ i totally forgot to set it!

Do you even need transparency? It looks like you are using a solid texture, so just leave the transparency at 1 and this should solve the problem.

Yar, those be solids.

for optimize i used only one material /w only 3 texture (diffuse-alpha , normal, emitter) but some object need alpha others not.

I’m crazy about optimizing everything but I would never use one extra apha channel when it’s not needed, I would waste graphics memory…UNLESS you use a 1-bit alpha channel, of course.

but also create 2 materials with 2 textures different for any influence should be a double waste of resources.

i didnt checked all the combo, but one textures less is always a great saving. (i saved at least 3 and an extra material for carry them, and also the amount of faces for recreate a shape that shouldn’t need more than an alpha profile in a simple PNG)

the road signal ,for example are simple planes, one square face with the alpha on, a lot of faces less.