Surface Painter - Tool for faster basic materials workflow

Surface Painter for Blender 3.0+

Surface Painter is simple addon, that makes improves the workflow with most basic materials and allows user to create and “paint” the simple surfaces on objects directly in the 3D Viewport, without the need of entering the shader editor and creating each material manually. The addon creates each new material itself, basing on selected surface type and color.
The addon comes with one default palette of 75 color, you can also pick your custom ones, save them as favorites. Color functions are also added in the shader editor’s Node panel, so you can use your favorite colors also for the nodes inputs.

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How it works?

  • Select the basic surface type
  • Select desired color from the default palette or pick the custom one
  • Press Ctrl+LMB over your object to create & assign the new material


  • 21 basic procedural surfaces (so far!)
  • Default palette with 75 colors
  • 5 paint modes - single face, sharp edge, material (linked faces / slot), linked normals, object
  • Save palette & custom colors to local and global favorites
  • Use addons palettes also for node color inputs
  • Tweaking the addons materials settings from the panel-level