Surface Pro performance with Blender

Just about to pull the trigger on either an i5 or an i7 version of a Surface Pro - mostly for my job (not 3d).

As I understand it both the i5 and i7 versions are dual core low voltage. I was wondering if anybody has run Blender on either of these devices and could comment on how cycles performs on these CPUs. My usage scenario is casual, on the train or on holiday etc. so it’s not a replacement for my main 3d workstation but to be used when I have the opportunity to do some 3d when I am not at home.

Thank you for any comments.

I have an older model (SP3) but it works just fine. The main issue for me with modeling is using its small screen and keyboard. It can get a bit a awkward.

Using cycles on any portable will be bad. Just the battery time and the noise from the laptop will be annoying.

I use my Surface Pro 4 i5 for modeling and render with my desktop using the Crowdrender addon. It’s completely fine for my purposes.

I own the surfaceBook and Pro and at work have the Studio too.

I cannot to be fair not recommend them. The main problem is less the hardware but the fact that not many software developers adjusted their UIs to support HiDPI.

Blender itself runs fine, so does Chrome, Adobe and Affinity work. But Krita and many others just look terrible on the high res display.

Regarding Cycles I would highly suggest not to use the surface for it.
While the hardware is not as strong, main reason is the noise level it produces and the thermal stress you expose the device too.

For modeling and such the device is pretty nice.

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The SP3 has worked fine for me (running Linux on it). You can do modeling, light sculpting, some texture work, and light animation on it. However, I certainly would not suggest that you render on it, as most here have suggested.

Thank you to everyone for the replies - very much appreciated and have helped me. Cheers.

I have Surface pro 4 and really struggling with Cycles rendering. Is there any way I can use GPU rendering ?
CPU takes hours just for very basic work.

The Surface Pro 4 is (AFAIK) running an Intel graphics card. Ultimately, that means limited-to-no capabilities for GPU rendering. You can start working on a Surface Pro 4, but you should finish (and render) on a different machine.

Thanks Mate. I only have one computer, so seems like I’m stuck with Blender rendering. Cycles is not an option for me.
Don’t have too much money to spend on a high end machine.
Thanks for your reply and clarification, Much appreciated.