surface sketch help ?

I put a vertice on the screen( I guess cause Its the only way I can get in edit mode ) . I draw 2 lines , hit the Add Surface button…boom ! there it goes …I’m in object mode and surface sketch is gone …somewhere…I dont know…
Also I tried to get a optimized version of 2.5( can not find the numbers ) from Downloaded 2 one, I could not open the zip, the other couldent open the folder. It took all day to get surface sketch in. Oh ! it was there all the time just couldent find it. Cant someone put all together in one box then zip it up with the 2.5 scripts and the trimins , Shoot ! Id pay money ( oops was that bad idea here ).
Thank you for any advice and any help with surface sketch.
Never mind I got i got the optimized blender installed and surface sketch working now.