Surface Smoothness while modelling car

I wanted to know if we can use Relax modifier or Sculpting tool to ensure smooth body panels of car ?

Or is there another better way?

I start with low poly but the model I detail and for that increase loops, sometime especially near bumper, the surface gets edgy, clearly visible on rendering with reflective paint


Have you heard about this brand new feature called “subdivision surface modifier”?
Maybe you could use that :wink:


Thanks but I have been using this brand new feature from the last 7 years

In past I have modelled lot of cars, hyperlinks of some work are visible under my signature.

Your sarcasm was in too much of hurry. Sarcasm with an intellectual foundation is called dumbness.

…and very nice models they are, too - you clearly know what you are doing :slight_smile:

As a relative newcomer to Blender, I don’t know of any relax modifier, but have found the “smooth vertices” tool in edit mode to be useful for smoothing out verts, if applied with caution and not near the edges of the mesh. The smooth tool in sculpt mode works for this, with very low settings and again, used sparingly.

Post a pic so we can get a better understanding of what you mean.

one trick for geometric continuity and smoothness
use Nurb surfaces then convert to mesh

happy bl

Too bad you can’t take a bit of sarcastic humor… but you’re certainly quick to insult!
Next time you need help, try to provide more information, like a .blend or at least screenshots.
Also maybe a small Hi could help, but that’s too much to ask I guess.
Anyway, I wish you good luck, you’ll need it.

Caught on the wrong foot now you want to show that you were just being humorous ? If you have issues with the questions, just ignore. Don’t waste your time expecting people to address you first as Lord

I’m not quite sure what you want to be honest, mate.
But I’ll give you multiple advices in hope you’ll get what you need.

You can always increase the overall resolution of your mesh then apply it so that when you add additional edge loops your mesh won’t lose that much roundness. You can also use crease edge option(Shift+E) to sharpen your edges without the need to add any additional edge loops, note that your subdivision modifier would need greater subdivision value of 1 in most cases.

Now, there’s another method that will help you in conjunction with techniques I’ve mentioned previously. That method would require you to model a base mesh of your and have a subdivision modifier with high value. You could use this base mesh for retopology, you can add mesh onto your base mesh with shrink-wrap modifier or with snapping onto surface option, the choice is yours.

Things that may be handy: shrink/fatten via alt-s, vertex smooth (under vertex menu), and loop tools add-on.

Loop tools has edge relaxing and g-smooth tools. You can also switch to sculpt mode instead of edit, which gives some freeform adjustments similar to proportional editing. (Sculpt has masking, but proportional editing doesn’t. To only adjust a mesh you don’t want to enable dynamic though.) And speaking of proporitional editing, good for most things, but not always because there is only a sperical falloff of the effect. If you need to adjust a contour where a spherical weight to that adjustment isn’t desired, you should look into how the mesh (cage) modifier works. It will let you adjust the overall mesh contours in a more linear (edge biased) fashion by using a lower poly mesh to guide deformations.

Just ignore ? Really ? If you REALLY need help on this forum, you should provide some more details like screenshots or a blend file. If you want your post to be ignored, that`s up to you… .Nobody wants to be adressed here with Lord, Prince, King, Guru and other “kind” words.

Why did you necro this thread? The person hasn’t even been on for half a year.

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Nurbs surfaces!

Finally found a use for these,

Blender’s nurbs tools aren’t the best, so if you could erm… “borrow” fusion 360, Rhino,3ds max or modo,
that would be great

Here’s a tutorial if you’re taking the nurbs route.