Surface to Mesh?

Document said surface is another kind of curve. I remember Curve can be changed to Mesh.

Is any way to change Surface to Mesh?

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I find it, already. In Object mode, convert type.


For some reason when I try this, I get an error message.

I created a NURBS curve and closed it with C, then I tried to convert it to a mesh with ALT+C. I get an error “Can’t convert”, but it doesn’t tell me why. The tutorials say it is possible to do this, but it does not work for me. Am I doing something wrong or there is a bug?

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Titan guy, I don’t understand “closeed it with C”. What I did is to select curve or curve surface in Edit Mode, then go to Object Mode by clicking “Tab”, and press “ALT+C”. At last select “Convert curve to Mesh” in popup menu. That’s all.

I didn’t meet “can’t convert” message.

Titan guy, could you tell me the Usage of “C” in curve? I don’t know it.
Thank you!

Key “C” just completes the curve so it takes on a circular shape. You can make a mouth shape just by using a NURBS curve and closing it. Pretty cool.

If I can just convert this to a mesh it would be a lot cooler, because right now it is pretty useless. Does anyone know if Blender keeps an error log file somewhere that might provide a clue as to why I get this error?



Convert works only in Object mode.


Well… you can’t even convert it in edit mode… there’s no menu item for it. Am I missing something?

Hi Guys,

It was because I was using a surface instead of curve. :frowning: I am still learning.



Titan, do you use the updated version? Surface can be converted to mesh by the same way. But you can’t do that in EDIT MODE.

Yes, I use the the latest version of Blender on Linux. Just downloaded it last week. I don’t expect a surface to be converted to a mesh in edit mode. Like I said, there is no menu item available to even try that in edit mode. You can only do it in object mode. If a surface can be converted, then it must be a bug that only I can reproduce.

I’m trying to learn the same thing.

I made a bezier circle, made it into that mouth shape and then covnerted it. Worked fine.

just Cntrl + C in object mode, for surfaces, curves whatever, it all seems to work fine to convert them to mesh.

Then I tried making the curves and closing them, then converting, worked fine for both Bezier and NURBS. Maybe you made something else in edit mode and so in object mode you’re selecting more than just the curve when you click on it? Just a random idea.

hope that helps.

cheers :slight_smile: