Surface triangulation

Hey all,

I just started Blender and I ran into a problem modelling a hard surface object.
It’s a highly reflective surface and rendering in Cycles reveals that all surfaces are obviously being triangulated and the seams aren’t smooth (picture attached).
I tried “make planar” surfaces, but the nature of the model doesn’t allow for all surfaces to be planar, they are ever so slightly bent. How do I go about solving this problem? Do I need to subdivide the larger surfaces further?
The model itself is very clean and I would like to keep it that simple…so ideally there is another solution.

Any help is appreciated,

You haven’t really given us any information, a wireframe would help, a blend file would be better.

Just to save time, a wireframe image wouldn’t help in any way. It would be a typical cropshot with see-through wires which still wouldn’t show anything useful. And you wouldn’t even know if it’s wires in object mode that hides edges on planar surfaces, or in edit mode with edge selection.

Only a prepared .blend would contain information like the geometry and how severely non-planar it is, if it’s using smooth shading, how that shading is controlled, what the lighting and material setup is and what it reflects.