Surfboard on a Beach

Here’s one

I modeled the board just because and then decided to put it somewhere.

The grass in the back looks a little thick and I couldn’t figure out how to get the grass to lay under the board and not through it but oh well.

Have at it. :slight_smile:


Nice beginner render. Grass particles look decent- try working on your textures.

You could always use curve guides to flatten the particles underneath the board (assuming you used static particles that is)

Looks good, but it kind of looks like the board is floating a little.

Alden: Which textures exactly or did you just mean in general?

[email protected]: I’ll try that, thanks for the idea. I wonder though if there’s somewhere to set your particles to automatically bend around an object.

Cuby: I looked at the blend and the back end is off the ground a smidge but I think it looks like that more because the ground curves under it. Either way thanks much for your input.

Thanks again for any input.