Surfer beach

I am new to 3d modeling and blender. Trying a lot of things and implement my ideas. This is one of the first attempts to create a realistic scene.
The goal is to practice learned techniques and create a photo realistic landscape.
For the scene I used True Terrain and a beach girl from CG Trader. The idea for this scene came while I was modeling the surfboard.
Own works on the composition are the surfboard, the palm trees the volumetric clouds.

After a few hours of work I can’t decide what looks real and where I need to improve.


Nice palms :slight_smile:

Maybe open the right of the image a little, wider format, the girl is looking to the right, the horizon is to the right and there is a border.

The boards look a bit too clean, both without sand and the right one without any reflect or light.

Footprint on the sand could add realism, and may connect the girl and her shadow a bit more to the beach, with sharp shadows as you have.

But, great work :+1:


Thank you for your comments. I will try to improve the surfboard. I had already thought of footprints, but unfortunately I have no idea how I can implement this.

You may try adding a displace modifier (texture that deform actual mesh) and using UV or Object Coordinates for carrefull positioning.
Can control this more with an assigned vertex group (Selecting point on the mesh for enabling modifier or not, and falloff if you set different weights on those vertices).

Another option, Dynamic paint maybe overkill but interesting to learn, i just tried a quick test after reading this
and this

Following the second one, painting wasn’t working (i probably missed something) but switching mode on the plane from painting to displace worked well.

Don’t know if reliable.

Just in case, waiting for the next SurfBoard :diving_mask:

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And wax: there’s always a layer of wax on a surfboard - required for preventing slippage :thinking:

The girl herself looks loooooove a video game character course, but that’s no reflection on your work given she’s a drop-in object and I’m sure the cost of a spot on, 100% realistic female model would come with the 100% higher price tag.

She looks real when zoomed out of course - it’s only when you zoom in it’s apparent and her proportions are flawlessly perfectly, perfect.

Thank you very much for your advice so far. Since the surfboard is the main object and also the reason for the scene, I’ll focus on the improvements for now.

First, the Surfboard Wax layer.
Since I am not a surfer, I can only rely on reference images.

I hope you can see a little improvement on the surfboard.

When creating the wax shader, my biggest problem was how to layer one material over another. I still do not like the sharp edges of the wax layer. Created a mask, but can’t get it to fade out the edges.

Does anyone have an idea how I can do this?

To isolate layers you can try using the Factor field on MixShader and MixRGB nodes.

Below Musgrave Texture isolates 2 Principled BSDF

Probably your Mask can help here.

You use UV as coordinates, which unwrapping method did you use ?

Thank you @Voppag,

I got the blending.

I used the standard uvunwrap with one seam around the rim.

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If that girl wants to surf, she wouldn’t hit the beach when the water doesn’t have waves/it’s not windy at all… or is this the calm before the storm? maybe to the right, on the horizon, yo can see a big franchise cruise ship making appropriate waves and her waiting for them to hit the beach? :smiley: idk. or just put a kite or sail next to the boards :smiley: