Surfer Hippie

This have been a couple of weeks work, but now I like the result. Everything started with a couple of ugly head sculpts in November, that are still visible in my Sketchbook thread… i took the last one of those sessions and polished it into this project.

Thanks to @theLuthier for his Human course. Haven’t been following it step by step, but I learned a lot from it. Now I consider this project done. This is Ezra, a surfer hippie.

Modeling, sculpting and staging/lighting in blender.
Texturing in Substance Painter.
Post processing in Natron.

Thanks to Robert Linder on Unsplash and Rodnae Productions on Pexels for their nice backdrops. As well as Poly Haven for their great HDRIs.

Any comments about issues, improvements, etc. are welcome. There will surely be a future project to incorporate those comments into :wink:

On this one I couldn’t really match the lighting of the backdrop, so I’m not really happy with it…

And I also did a studio shot:

This one is for those interested a clay render:

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And here’s a turntable:

This is effective art. It gives me that “I could be happy living that life” feel. Character looks great. I see that you did not use subsurface scattering on the skin. Good. The darker the skin the less sss.

Glad you like it and this kind of summer feeling was what kept me motivated. Kind of escaping the winter cold we currently have on the northern hemisphere…

Well there is a little bit of subsurface scattering, but only very subtle. You can see it e.g. in the static rendering on the ear.