Surf's Up trailer

Just saw this. It’s a really good trailer/ in the spirit of Pixar. A lot of those around these days. But the thing that really killed me was the surf foam at the very end of the trailer. It is the most realistic foam I’ve ever seen. I’m having trouble seeing how they’re doing it. Anyway, that’s the news worthy bit. If you just like to see those trailers, like me, you can find it here

wow…finally a cg anim film for surfers…

surf on big z

Lot of penquin movies out these days too. Really envy anyone who lives where they can surf all the time. Not that I want to surf, just the ambiance.

I’m always surprised at how many comments evil monster creepy suffer movies get but at how few comments pleasant clever pictures get.

I wonder how a cg golf picture would play.

You said it. There’s too many animal movies. Now it’s Surfing penguins.

You’re right. Even the foam in Shrek didn’t come close.

It could easily just be a single shader. Programmable shaders are very powerful. I’ve seen an ocean shader done in Maya and although it won’t be as advanced, you just clicked render and voila, one ocean complete with white horses and sharp crests.

hmm, the penguin motif. Time to decorate the bedroom with Wall-Mart rugs and pillows? :slight_smile:

Single shader foam and spray on a liquid sim. That is a cool idea.

I’m thinking that last clip is real, not CG.

I saw this in the theater yesterday. It was a shown before “Open Season”. Very impressive stuff on the big screen, beleive me. This small version does not do it justice.

And I agree, way too many cutesy animal movies out now. THough “Open Season” was friggin hilarious.


:smiley: Yep, I did the same as BgDM, went to the theatre for “Open Season”, and caught the preview. Very well made, and very funny stuff. We go to these movies because they are safe for the kids, and usually they are entertaining enough for us as well(my wife and I). That said, I was surprised to see some stuff in the movie. I though it was hilarious as well, but didn’t expect some of the visuals I got from it(no spoiler intended).

I did love the waves in the animation for the preview - I was wondering if it was composited from footage, but I guess that would be how I would handle it if I were doing it myself. Awesome work!!:smiley:

i am definetly seeing this the day it comes out! this movie looks amazing (i am from so-cal so go figure)

I already feel way too warm and cuddly.:eek::smiley:

I’m just waiting for the day grown people tire of such childish cg film content. All of the time. Especially adult movie goers without kids. Every totally CG film seems to involve cute little animals. Either people are stuck in a rut or something is beckoning us, “flippers and fur are fun, all we need is flipping, zipping. hopping animated animal fun. flippers and fur are fun.”:smiley:

I’ve been watching that clip over and over, and I’m pretty sure it’s not CG. I’m pretty sure it’s stock footage that they thought would work well for the trailer… it’s just too realistic.


it seems broken, and I just updated QT. Maybe too much traffic

Off Topic: SURF RULES! :slight_smile:

is totally ot. :slight_smile: [edit: I mean to say on topic : / ]

@effstops: Rules of the game, in a cg picture everything is cg? But I felt the same way. The chaos is so excellent.

One thing I didn’t find was any reflection. I don’t actually live anywhere near a beach so it isn’t something I’m even remotely familiar with, but it seems like there would be some sky in there or something.

I think I would have to agree with you here,… I watched the HD version, and it indeed seems real.

yeah I had the impression the last bit was too real compared to the whole trailer…so I’d also go with “it was real not cg”…but I could be wrong and that would be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

yah, I think you might be right. If you look closely at the lower left side of the clip you can actually see bubbles popping. booo. :slight_smile: Oh well. Should be another good story for next summer anyway.


I feel bad about exposing the production to their disgraceful trickery :rolleyes: so just to say they do have some freaking amazing effects in there. The one of the sky through the wave is most excellent. Render time would be off the chart around here.