surgical pod unit - early preview

(Jamesk) #1

here’s a little thing cooking… check it if ya ain’t got nothing else to do…

(seval) #2

Very nice… no criticism, except that I want to see a better angle on it.

(Gr8RedShark) #3

pretty cool!
It looks familiar from somewhere… although I’m not sure where… sorta like the Pixels3D robot? i dunno, but I like it. what inspired it?

(Atariman) #4

I like what you have created. The only Crateek is I’m not so sure I like the feet. The feet could stand to be a little more dynamic.
Gr8RedShark >> You may be thinking of the Pokemon ball.

  • Atariman -

(S68) #5

Very nice, I like a lot, really nice details.


(Jamesk) #6

Atariman: I think you’re right about the Pokemon ball… Pretty funny - it didn’t occur to me until now.

Anyways, the model has far left to go in terms of details. It’s going into an animation later on. The feet have a very special look because of how they are going to perform in the anim… there’s a particular functionality to them. What’s left to do are three arms with various tools on them. You can see the upper part of the first two arms already, but there’s a lot left to do.

(BgDM) #7

Nice start. Looks very promising. The feet do look odd, but if that is what you have intended, then it should be OK.


(kbitz) #8

Gr8RedShark, perhaps it reminds you of one of the Pod racer maintenance droids from the Phantom Menace.

It’s really great, but I would like to see some other camera angle(s) of it.

Keep up the great work!