A surplus robot. Comments and crits welcome.

Modeling: blender 2.37a
Render: yafray 0.0.8


noting to crit really so far, just have to say i really like the feel of the lighting, done quite nicely =D

cant wait to see more

Thanks LohnC.

neat render.
you may want to add some detail to it ? looks really low poly

it’s a cute little thing, don’t really understand the name though “surplus”??? how does it relate. I would definitely add more detail to this, or some secondary objects in the background other then the wall and box.

I turned off subsurf for the wireframe, so you could see the underlying polys. But you’re right it is a very simple model. I got this far and couldn’t think what a homeless robot might have in his nest.

Khnum: Surplus meaning “more than what is needed or used”. This little robot was manufactured, but wasn’t needed, and now he is wondering what to do with himself.

Thanks for the feedback.

yah, didn’t get that… a bit out there if you ask me.

Perhaps he has a napsack with a bunch of small spare parts. Like some nuts and screws and micro chips, etc. All bundled up in a napkin tied to a screwdriver or something. Perhaps apply a sticker to it’s stomach that says “surplus” or “overstocked” or “sale” something like that to tie the name in a bit.

if you are noob…
i’m the mouse :o

if you are noob…
i’m the king


WTF!! Got any real advise or suggestions?!

his head has a line in the middle
it looks very stupid
maybe work at that texture

Nice character my only comment are those HDRI balls the eyes are different then the feet balls. good job anyway!