Surprise; Age of Empires goes from innovative series to Clash of Clans knockoff.

It’s true, the new game in the series is indeed not so much like the RTS you used to play.

A shame really, as Age of Empires used to be one of those games that pushed innovation in its respective genre. At this point, I would be more satisfied simply having a 3D version of AOE2 without the glaring oversights seen in the game after such as trees being chopped while standing up and projectiles going through walls and cliffs. Now it seems like Microsoft decided to abandon it’s successful formula in favor of copying other games (what’s next, Angry Kings?)

In the meantime, I hear that the free game 0 AD is almost ready for primetime. (as in, becoming the 3D ancient warfare game that AOE never managed to become).

Looking forward to the free game 0 AD if the AOE or age of empires as it known in it’s form can be that much of a deliveration. It’s goes t o show that no matter what the preogress repot is like. there is some factor that always come up to bring negative that will trun users off.