Surprise collision problems!!

(TorQ) #1

I am all ready to ship my demo and a friend of mine points out that the collision is kinda bad. I’m thinkin’ he’s talking about every once in a while he’s falling through the collision. I decided to check it out and I am like flying out of the collision all the time now!! I checked back to an earlier version of my project and it wasn’t doing that! I made a simple collision model but I am still jumping through the collision! Does anyone have any advice or experience with this? Thanks.


(lizard809) #2

are you using any DLoc on any motion actuators, if so they dont work with collision

(TorQ) #3

No, I’m not using Dloc. After much testing I discovered it seems to have been a corrupt empty! I remember there being a discussioin about emties recently but didn’t read it. Anyway I replaced the empty that was the dynamic actor with one that I knew worked and now everything seems to be fine. On a related note having saved incremental files of my project every so often really saved my but on this one, its a good practice.


(TorQ) #4

Just to let you know I thought I fixed my collision problem but it came back so I don’t know what is going on!


(ineedanewbi) #5

are u using a new NEAR sensor?

cuz when i used a near sensor on an obj. that also had a collision sensor… the collision sensor was triggered with a nearby bullet that should have only triggered the near sensor.

put ur near sensors in a different obj. if this is what is wrong

keep the # of obj.s in the game down, it slows down the game and turns ur collision detection to crap

(gargola) #6

yes,someone said that there is a bug on the near sensor…i had problems with the near sensors on the past and it’s very very weird(and annoying).plus collision detection on blender is very poor. :frowning: