Surprising excellent Russian movie

I did not expected anything from it but i was pleasantly surprise.

Compare to Hollywood who seem to not understand anymore the meaning of the word ‘‘ENTERTAINEMENT’’, this Russian movie can teach them what is story telling without any political agenda, just pure entertainment and nothing else.

If you love Sleepy Hollow and Hercule Poirot or Colombo then you will like this movie, the ambience, the camera shot, the music everything is really well done.

I can’t wait to see the third chapter that is going to be release on March the 20

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Hopefully, the combination of low cost/free off-the-shelf software being better than ever, and the sheer abundance of TV/Movie distribution platforms, will mean Hollywood only has a small fraction of your available options if you want VFX bells and whistles and large-scale sets.

In my mind, Hollywood and its big 5 studios are bankrupt in a number of ways (not talking financial here), some of which the forum staff would frown upon if they were brought up.

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It’s like I want to make fun of you both for being so overly sensitive, but I realize that BA isn’t really the place to get into all this crap. Thing is, I still want to do it, so instead I’ll split the difference, and do this sorta self-referential passive aggressive thing that doesn’t directly state anything while still being totally obvious what I’m doing, which is so much more obnoxious.

This as nothing to do about being overly sensitive this have to do with a production that put entertainment first period!

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Oh? What ways are those?

polynut, I don’t get the original post - Hollywood understands nothing but entertainment, but this Russian movie is entertaining??

I’m afraid Hollywood is purposefully nuts and you can’t fix stupid.

In all reality, Hollywood is the epicenter of uncreative, boardroom created, overhyped trash. I thought I didn’t like movies 15 years ago after rolling my eyes by half an hour into every movie I had seen, turns out, I just hate Hollywood. (I probably don’t like Bollywood either, although the one movie I did watch once long ago was not half bad).

Russian movies, Chinese television, Japanese Manga, it all kicks Hollywoods backside now, because the writers and artists are still trying to say something and produce something, not stitch something together that will please the widest audience and garner the most dollars. Their set design and technical capacity has caught up to Hollywood, so now they are superior.

And Hollywood’s one good production, from what I hear, got kicked in the head in the season finale. So if you want a Game of Thrones that ends well, watch Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, plus it is loosely based on real history.


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Well, when you put it that way, neither do I. But I do understand the meaning of “ENTERTAINMENT”. :rofl::joy::rofl:

Just kidding around. I’m feeling pedantic this morning. :laughing:

Compare to the current hollywood crop this movie is all about entertainment and nothing else and that’s exactly what i like about it pure entertainment.

Like a well known actor said ;

Apperently China is pumping lots of money into Hollywood and he who pays the piper calls the tune.

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True it looks good, really . The sound effects could benefit more work, though (IMO)!! Thanks for sharing :+1: