Surprisingly Tricky Games recruiting! (5 positions available)

Looking for something new?

Surprisingly Tricky Games wants YOU!

Who are we?

We’re a group of inividuals working together to help bring our passion for awesome games to the next level by developing and producing our own titles. Is it easy? God no. Is it rewarding? Hell yes.
We’ve been working as a team for almost a full year, and we’ve got some releases in sight, but we need some help with the final grind.

We’re looking for passionate, creative people looking to make a name for themselves in the gaming industry by helping us hammer out some awesome games; games by gamers, for gamers.

As a the ideal candidate, you are:

-Familiar and comfortable with working together over Skype
-An avid gamer
-Excited about gaming in general
-Willing to commit to a project and make it your own

What can we offer?

Adventures through space and time, your own chocolate warship, and a plethora of gorgeous elven women at your beck and call.

…Well, no, not really. Truth is, we’re a bunch of people who’ve dedicated months of work into making these games a reality, and all we can really offer you is full permission to use any of your work in your portfolio, and the promise that if you help us bring these game to life, you’ll be entitled to compensation for every bit of work you’ve done, and that you’ll be the first person we offer the position to in the very real case of us being able to offer you paid work when the game(s) go live. Is it worth it? We like to think so. If you’ve got any concerns or questions, feel free to send us an e-mail, and we’ll gladly set up a skype chat to bring you up to speed on every thing we’ve been working on. We’re almost positive that if you’re not already excited, you will be after we let you in on our devious plans for world domina- Games, once we let you in on our games. Ahem.

What we’re looking for:

Animator (One position)

As an animator, you should be familiar with rigging and animating models without relying on third party programs like Rigify. Your main role on the team will be to rig and animate the models made by our modelling team. Experience modelling is an asset, but not required.

In your application or inquiry letter, please specify which programs you prefer to work with.

As with all our positions, this position has the potential to lead to a full-time position with STG.

Illustrator (One position)

As an illustrator, you must be able to provide artwork on an equal level of quality as the art on our website, Art style may vary, but it should be made clear that we are not looking for anime style illustrators at this time. Your main role on the team will be to illustrate characters, monsters and spells that will be used for several purposes, including a card game, referencce for 3D models and more.

Illustrations will not be required to be in a T-pose, but the ability and willingness to provide them would be considered an asset.

In your application or inquiry letter, please specify which programs you prefer to work with.

As with all our positions, this position has the potential to lead to a full-time position with STG.

3D modeller (One position)

As a 3D modeller, you’ll join our team of modellers in the creation of the many models that are needed to be completed. Texturing your own models is not required, but would be considered an asset. Being able to animate your own models is not required, but would be considered an asset. You must be able to comfortably work within polygon limits.

In your application or inquiry letter, please specify which programs you prefer to work with.

As with all our positions, this position has the potential to lead to a full-time position with STG.

Texture Designer (Two positions)

As a texture designer, you are able to UV map and texture the models provided by the modelling team. Most of these models will be dynamic, and will include characters, turrets, weapons and etc. Static models and environment models may or may not require your attention. You must be able to work comfortably within pixel count limits, and be able to apply the correct level of detail based on the distance at which the object will be seen. You must also be able to generate bump maps for specific models.

Occlusion and specular maps will not be required, but the ability to provide them will be considered an asset.

In your application or inquiry letter, please specify which programs you prefer to work with.

As with all our positions, this position has the potential to lead to a full-time position with STG.

Are you interested in finding out more about us, or have a skill that you might consider an asset? Looking to get some experience in the gaming industry in a field that wasn’t listed? Wether it’s voice overs or speed painting, send us an e-mail, tell us about yourself, and we’ll see if we can put your skills to use!

If you are applying to join the team, please include the following in your application:
-Examples of your work
-A list of the programs that you use to conduct your work
-A bit about you, please tell us how you could become an asset to our cause
-Please let us know that you agree with the DISCLOSURE below

Please sent all applications via email to: [email protected] on or before the 16th of September 2013. Applications recieved beyond this date will be discarded.

DISCLOSURE: To clarify, we are currently a group of individuals achieving the goals of STG in our free time. Many of us work full-time jobs already and do this on the side. To date, STG have been a non-profit organisation. This means that none of us have made any sort of financial gain as of yet, mainly because our projects are yet to be completed.

Because of this, we are unable to offer paid work at the moment, however, the current members of our team (and possibly you) will be the first ones that we approach about a full-time position, as soon as it is a possibility. For this reason, we are not asking you to give up your day-job, or even multiple hours in a day to work through the tasks. Our motto has pretty much been “do things when you can” from the start. Our passion alone has gotten us this far.

Thanks for the interest so far guys. Still plenty of time to get your questions/applications in so please get intouch with us if you are at all interested.

Note also that we are not specifically looking for people with vast amounts of experience. Basically meaning that we are willing to take on people who are relatively new to all of this.

Hey guys,

This is just to let everyone know that the application period is being extended to the 22nd, due to some technical difficulties.

Thanks again to everyone that has already sent in their application. There’s still plenty of room for more applications so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity while you still can!

Hey guys,


That’s right, the application period is almost up. Thanks to all of the interest shown so far, however there is certainly still the chance for some of the positions to be taken. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to get yourself known in the gaming industry!

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