Surreal Aquarium

no clue what surreal means, but i just felt like putting it in the title.

anyways, heres my second finished model. i was really focusing on lighting in this one…

well, here it is:

high rez:

If you wanna make it surreal, turn the ring into the Stargate.

Although actually, I quite like that translucent glass thing going on in that ring.

heh, thanks. if i take away the toon shading, it looks much more real, too.

The water should have some reflection and transparency, put a mesh behind the water and give it something to reflect.

like a plane?..

mesh should work
its all quite blurred
check for OSA in the render settings and select catmull-clark with high filter settings if needed
whats that in the back - a plane with cloud texture ???

thats the glass…

and heres a high rez pic.
still seems blurry, tho…

how did u produce the glass? ray transp or ztransp? check fresnel value
~ weird ~

ray transp…
the glass is what makes it look like water. it has a cloud texture.
and, if u look closely, u can see bubbles.