Coby in the Surreal
January 2005 by



If i was high, i’d totally be FREAKING OUT right now.

well done, dude.

nice composition, but a bit freaky. Why is the kid traveling from the lush green coverage into the wasteland? It would be happier if he was jumping through candyland or something but that is obiously not what you were going for. Nice composition!

that is some great texturing on the boy, but the modelling on his face just doesn’t look right.

and those sneakers can’t work, look at them, they just don’t fit.

but otherwise, very nice.

Hah, this picture is awesome. Some of the ground looks a little wierd, but I think you overwhelmed any of my complaints with the little kid jumping. Great concept.

I’m assuming that the boy is not a textured model and was put into this surreal environment.The rock/ground/deadtree texture needs alittle improvment.I like the grass. :slight_smile:

I don’t see the pic, but I am assuming it is creepy :smiley: or so says the “others”

I’d like to know too

good work-
I think that the cracked ground part the kid is jumping on could benefit from a bump map to give the cracks some depth

I don’t get what’s so creepy. Looks sort of dreamy. I constantly have dreams where I go from happy grass to dead waste land. I die shortly after.

I agree with all of the critiques on how to improve this render. Simply because I have nothing to add really.

Very nicely done. Did you add the kid before or after? I would assume you placed him directly in the model because of the excellent shadow you have.

Probably one of the most original Blender images I have seen in a very long time.

Great work on the composition. As for the shadows, and what the others have said, I would say leave it as it is. It adds to the contrast between the two worlds.

Exceptional work.


Don’t use geocites for images, they cap the bandwidth really low, use , or if you have to time to sign up to an account.

I’d like to see the pic!

Thanks for all the comments guys. I wasn’t really going for freaky though. Hmmm…

No, Coby is not rendered but placed in there post process using PSP. In the original photo he had just ran down a slide at the playground and was jumping off the end. My son loves this picture. I asked him if he remembered the place it was taken and he responded “I don’t remember that place dad”. I wonder if he is just playing along?

SamAdam, that’s funny. Is that a hint of sarcasm. Sarcasm? No… :wink:

Sin and Dwarfose, I think the smooth rocks look good. I was originally aiming for apple trees but ended up with something more like a badly textured paper birch(white birch?). I will try to bump map the ground.

Thanks Guys


dwarfose, I turned off color on map to and turned on disp. I played with several different procedural textures and this is about all I could get… Do you know settings to keep the ground smoother but make the cracks?

I can’t see it. Am-I the only one???

No, I can’t see it either :o

geocities %|

Tell me about it, my site is hosted on geocites small business, and i still get problems :x

at last… Ezz: yes, it’s pretty neat. I couldn’t believe SamAdam’s assessment that it was a model. Man: that would be the best model ever (clothing and all)…

Anyway, nicelydone.


To use a bump map. Turn off Col and turn on Nor.
Use the “Nor” slider on the Textures tab of the Materials panel to
control the level.

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