Hey, I was just messing about with Blender,doing some bump mapping, playing with global illumination and stuff, when I got this idea.

still lots to do…I’m trying to do a surreallistic landscape like, For instance, that of Salvador Dali…but in my own style
anyway check out some of his work here:

Crits,heck! any suggetsions, will be most welcome

Bandwidth exceeded on your geocities. I think they’ve set it at 4mb per hour, and a lot of people view these threads, it sucks up your bandwidth like a runny milkshake through a hose.

Nice job, it really have a surreal athmosphere.
Maybe you should try to add some bumpmap on the puzzle on the floor, it looks a little too flat.

Anyway, it’s a good start i think :slight_smile:

Hey, this is pretty cool so far. One thing that came ot mind for me is that I believe that every door to nowhere should have a door to nowhere knob. Just a thought.

I would look at D’Chirico for surrealism. There are a million people out there emulating Dali.

I think De Chirico’s style would be translated well into 3D.