Surveillance Robot

I’m new to Blender and just joined the community so go easy on me!

Anyway, here’s my first proper attempt:

Nice job on the texturing! How many samples did you render this with?

Nice work. Is the cube head connected to the base or is it hovering? Its a little hard to tell from this angle.

2000 samples and then a little bit of Photoshop to get the grunge feel around the shadows. The clean version looked too much like the robot belonged to Portal!

The head is connected to the base but I haven’t tackled bones/rigging yet. However, I’m currently rendering an animation of the robot which I’ll update you with once it’s finished.

Thanks for the comments by the way!

Nice - can’t wait to see this fellow in motion!

It reminds me of the turret in Portal. Really awesome.
“Good night.”

Cool design, yeah. I think the textures could be improved a bit (like the gray metal texture on the leg panels), but otherwise, it’s pretty good!