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Hi everyone,

E-Cycles is now stable. In short, it makes CUDA rendering about 2x faster and those improvements will be submitted for inclusion in master in one year/11 month now. If you didn’t buy it, what are the main reasons (if “other”, please precise in the thread):

  • I didn’t hear about it until now
  • render speed is not important in my workflow
  • I don’t use Cycles
  • I’m not sure about the claimed results
  • It should be even faster
  • I want a 2.7x version
  • I prefer a crowdfunding, one year to get it in master is too long
  • You should write code for free
  • It’s too expensive
  • I prefer expensive cards I can show other
  • I use OpenCL or CPU and need a speedup their too
  • other

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Thanks for taking your time to answer. By the way, people buying a year of support this week-end get a 2.79x build offered.

For those answering the price is too high, even if you own a 1050 (125€ here) and you take a full year of E-Cycles (95€), you spare 30€ directly compared to buying another card, with the 1050Ti, you spare 65€. My last customer has 2x 1080Ti (2x800=1600€), so get the equivalent of 1500€ spared with E-Cycles. So do you have less than a 1050? And there is the month option for less than 9€.

If you compare to the price the BF takes (5 000€ = 5900$ per month and dev and that’s already a pretty low price to pay devs of that level) one year of cyles development cost 60 000 € = 70 600 $. And I think no development in the past brought such a speed improvement.

For students, I know how it is, so if you are studying and you want E-Cycles, you can contact me per PM.

As a hobbyist I don’t see the need for a faster renderer. If I was a professional(or at least making an income of Blender) then this would not be an issue as the time and electricity saved would make it up ten folds.

Check with blender render farms to make a deal with them as they would save plenty on your builds. You could send free builds to blender youtubers if they would plug you. Many blenderheads don’t even go to blenderartists so they might even know that this exists.

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I already tried by render farms. They are not interested as they sell the usage time. So with the same number of clients, they would just get a half of the income and need more time to get a return on invest. And a doubling of customers or increasing the price per hour is hard. So they prefer slow render as that make current customers consume and pay more.


@bliblubli Well, for me as a student, it’s still a bit expensive. Though, I didn’t vote for ‘too expensive’, because the major time consumer for me isn’t rendering, it’s modeling and so on, so for me it’s just not worth it. That doesn’t mean, your service is too expensive or ‘bad’, in fact, I really appreciate your work, and I would consider buying it if I needed really fast rendering, but in the mean time, it’s just not worth the money for me. So, IMO, nothing wrong with the price, I think it’s fair, I am just not in the target group for now.

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Didn’t think about it. Makes sense.

Thanks for taking the time to specify :slight_smile:

Edit: regarding the price, I added a special price for students: 29€/year or 3€/month.

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I recently switched to a rx580 from an old gtx470, and while it is faster, I am surprised how long it takes to compile the opencl kernels. It totally breaks the flow. Each time you change some small setting or the resolution it takes up to a minute to get the interactive viewport going again.
Vray does this much faster and / or keeps the kernels around somewhere after the render.
I guess this was never too high on the cycles priority list, but with the current state of the gpu market it may be nice if something can be done there.

I use the rx580 as a transition card - my main workstation will for sure get a nvidia gpu next - mainly because of the bad surprise of opencl-kernel compilation times… (and the prospect of e-cycles :wink:

If E-Cycles provide greatly reduced recompiles and the 15% speedup it already provides for OpenCL, would that be enough for you?

would be of course welcome!
But to be honest i am about to give up cycles as far as OpenCL goes.
I can consistently crash cycles by adding a principled shader and moving the subsurface slider while having an interactive gpu viewport running in 2.79b. It crashes after recompile on the first sample. empty file, one box, one material.

I don’t dare to imagine all the things that can go wrong in a production scene if it is already falling apart in the most simple case.

I didn’t realize when I first read your original thread that this is CUDA only until I saw the answers to this poll. Please state explicitly that the improvements are specific to CUDA, rather than a blanket statement about improving GPU performance generally.

You mean this thread E-Cycles - Faster cuda rendering - General Forums / Latest News - Blender Artists Community which it says “Faster Cuda rendering” right in the title? And I have a table with all the timings on Vega64 and 1080Ti ? I don’t know how to make it clearer than by naming the thread like that, but if you have a precise proposition, I’m open.

Edit: Yep, in this thread I wrote GPU rendering, I corrected it. Although it’s also true for OpenCL, I agree 15% faster isn’t worth mentioning it.

Yeah, with the RX 480 and it’s 8GB + system memory rendering 3 years ago really made rendering of huge scene available to anyone. But it was really neglected over the years sadly, partly due to the driver state, but also because most devs have nvidia cards. Anyway, at the moment, for E-Cycles, CUDA is the better choice.