Survey: How many here would be interested in funding macOS development of SketchUp importer?

Windows has an importer but not macOS.

How many would be interested in it having it?
And if yes would you be willing to chip in for covering the dev cost?

I will also see if wayne state would be interested in offering funds for this too.

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ive been using obj for as long as ive been using blender. there isnt that much special stuff going on that obj doesnt suffice?

No SketchUp Pro subscription no OBJ export.

Plus when you can just load the SketchUp file you can skip the slow OBJ export too.

Edit: Wow, why do I get recommended year old topics? I didn’t notice.

I’m on board. Started a business earlier this year. With Apple joining the dev fund and their hardware getting more powerful, things are looking good to move systems back to macos after 8 years of Apple ditching nvidia.

If things look good financially for me, I’d be happy to chip in.

There is STL. Though using the importer is waaay easier with materials and instances(!) being supported.

stl has no color and material