Surviorman game: UPDATE:DEMO!

If any of you have seen the Science channel show Survivorman, maybe you’d like to make a game of it. i was thinking of having 4-5 different locations where you’d have to find your way out. i don’t know how to animate but i can model kinda good. it’s kinda a game idea that seems like fun. i sort of want it Fps or 3rd person and you could pick up sticks, rocks, big leaves, and hunt for animals. i don’t know if anyone would want to help, it’s just a “im bored of comercial video games so ill make my own” game. so if anyone would like to help, just post or pm me.

People Helping:Me,Mindwarp

Levels:Canadian Arctic,Arizona Desert,Boreal forest,More later

Working on:Canadian Arctic

Screenshots: Arctic base and lake. Igloo block


well i would takepart in this but sense im working on my own games. you can check them out on my website. but any that seems like a great idea but remember you cant call it surviorman becasue of copyright laws. so you could get sewed. so i would like look of a website that has it on there and ask about making a game about it.

i can name it that, i just cant make profit from it.


That’s a common misconception about copyright law. Actually, you can’t publish in any form without the copyright holder’s permission except by making direct quote and reference. Lucas arts has closed down fan games already that made no profit. They can stop you from publishing at any time without notice, so you could work on it for 2 years and the day before you publish it on the net, they could issue a warrant to stop you or face a law suit. Some companies choose not to bother, some get a lawyer. The one way you can sometimes get away with it is to make a parody of the original. That’s legal, but most people when they see a letter from a lawyer just choose not to publish. The simplest thing is to change the name since the concept isn’t particularly original.

yeah, you can still make a game with the same concept but it cant be like based of the show, just come up with your own stuff and your all good to go.

do you really think a huge thing like the science channel will look at a site like this. afterall, im gonna keep it in this site.

yeah maybe not, but what if it gets pretty big? Like what if this game gets going really well and alot of people likes it? I wouldnt think they would say any thing about personal game usage. I may be wrong just something to consider. I wouldnt use the guys name or the same show title for the game title. They wouldnt find out if its for personal usage, what they dont know wont hurt them lol. :slight_smile: im very intrested so ill keep looking at this thread. good luck.

the les stroud forum is down. i was going to ask it if it was ok but. im sure it’ll be up before and if this gets to big.

bump. almost at bottom of the game forum!

Nice Idea.
I love survivorman. Interesting show :stuck_out_tongue:
Though I feel sorry for him having to drag those cameras around in such harsh conditions.

do you wanna help, Blenderist?

What is he going to help with exactly?

What did “you” do so far? You need to do a good amount of work by yourself (demo worth usually) in order for other people to think seriously about joining you. That’s how it works, because no one wants to waste time on someones half-assed daydream.

Did you make any models, levels or textures? Can you put some screenshots up?

im working on some objects and the canadian arctic level. i can’t today because the pc that im using in school wont install blender. i need Administrative rights. usually though, my pc has blender so i can work on the game on breaks. my normal teacher is gone so i have to be on a pc in a different room. i’ll be able to work on it when i get home though.

don’t use the blender installer. download the packed file, then you will not need to install blender just to extract the zip. and run it. that tends to work for me.

Good luck man

I would like to help but I really don’t think that I can. I’ve had almost no experience with games. And I’m going to school so that takes up a lot of time.

It wont let me run EXE’s or any programs!
my normal teacher is gone…Again! im in the same room as yesterday.

sorry man i can’t help you then :frowning: they tend to be lazier on our collage network

im not in collage.

model made by mindwarp. Updated texturing by me.(and i made the water a little bump:p