Survival Game. 7 Months into Development. 3D Artist Needed!

I am looking for an Artist which can handle modelling/animating/texturing and of course shaping a Survival Game with me.

Basic Information:
Back in February this year I started an engine coded in Java. The goal was to overcome those typical Voxels like in Minecraft but still be able to modify the whole world! 7 months later I am at a point where I can actually share some visual stuff and start shaping an actual game out of it. The direction I would like to go with this game is a mix between hardcore survival and improving your environment with technical aids. So the concept is going from a Stone Age like man and crafting your basic utilities to generating electricity through windmills, watermills, coal generators and afterwards using this electricity to ease your life (example: from torch to lamps).
I don’t want to go too much into detail but natural disasters will play a big role as well.
Here I got some footage of the engine so far:

Everything is coded in Java. The reason is pretty simple: Mods. The biggest modding community exists in Minecraft and mods are by far the greatest thing for me in games to add some variety. Obviously you can't just blast holes in the world like in the video it's more like in this video (at 0:23): [DIGGING](

What’s your job then if a lot of stuff gets procedurally generated?
Modelling, texturing, animating, designing tools like axes, spears and machines, basically breathing some life into the game.

What artstyle would you like?
The goal is to have a similar artstyle like ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ (IMAGE)
It doesn’t have to be too cartoon style and even could be a bit more ‘realistic’ than Zelda.

I am working on this game near my fulltime job, so don’t expect any until the release (or maybe Kickstarter financing). I am not hungry for money so we can probably negotiate something that works for us both when we are near the release.

It would be nice if you are capable of speaking English or German.

About me:
I am 23, working fulltime as a YouTuber since 2013 (2 channels with overall 1.1m subscribers+) and my passion is gaming. I studied programming and since the age of 12 my biggest dream was to make a game. So here I am making a game looking for someone who would like to join me till the end!

If you are interested send me a private message, contact me on Discord (Haubna#7610) or make a post with details about you and your experiences. Portfolio from yourself included (Stone Age tools like axes, spears as an example would be nice but are not necessary).

Can I join as a developer to work on engine? I’m a software engineer with 5+ yrs of experience. Pls let me know if you are interested.

Best Regards,

hi my name ali and im 18years old i can speak english and im using blender for almost 1 years

Hi, my name Azmeer 26yrs old and have been using Blender for 2 years. I’m interested to help in this project but I only used to modelling and texturing. Not quite familiar with advance animating.


I have been out of modelling for a while but looking to get back into it again. Unfortunatley I do not have any previous work to show due to a number of failed HDD’s but if you have anything that you would like me to look into (small is good) I will be happy to contribute to this project.