Survival Game Project

Hello there,

I am currently looking for someone or some people, that help me creat the game of my dreams. I have a rough plan on how I want to make it and currently learning a lot in Unreal Engine, so I can make the code with a friend of mine.

I m currently looking for people that can make really nice Low-Poly 3D modells (Just message me if you want an example of how it should look like) and people that are able to rig the living Modells (animals) and maybe being able to animate them. If you have anything else with what you can contribute to my project let me know.

Here is how it is gonna lok like (I will leave out some Inforations and I am always open for suggestions to add into the game(I dont even have a Name yet )): I want a post apocalyptic open world, which is not depressiv like fallout 4. I choose Unreal engine because if its amazing post processing, that I want to take advantage of. Then I want to add NPCs, which you can give tasks or recive quests from, but I also want it too be a tell your won story game. I have someadditional feature that will give it a little extra spice, but I wont list them here.

If that seems interesting to you join my discord and sent me a message with what you can contribute and maybe some screenshots or samples of you work

PS: I am building a team now, but I will be busy till the beginning of June with studying. I will reply to you message tho.

Hello. I am beginner 3d artist and I want to try myself in a project.
My portfolio:
Please, answer me if you are interested