Survival Horror Game in Developement...positions open


we are currently a small team developing a first person horror game set ind medieval time partly in the style of Amnesia. We are using blender and Unity3d.

We started quite some time ago, but after a while we paused the developement, because people were too busy and so on. But now we have regrouped and are now able to work more productively by using google docs as organistaion for the game.

The game will consist of five levels:


We are still in the starting phase of our project. What we currently have is a Texturer/Concept Artist, HUD/Inventory/Menu-Designer, coder(me, though coding does not take place yet), and two modelers. Unfortunately the two are starting to get busy again, but try to do as much as possible for the game.

Though we are a small team yet, we are very dedicated to the project and have already achieved some nice results. We are planning to release a demo of the dungeon part of the game, and have already made various complete maps for the first part of it(e.g. geography map, items map). To speed up the process we would very much welcome voluntarily working modelers, who are able to make reusable dungeon sections(e.g. 3 hallway prototyped: curved, straight, distorted; 2-3 stairway prototypes; 2-3 door prototypes etc.). I think 1-2 modelers for this purpose should be enough.

Another modeling job open is the developement of the main character. It would be really great if someone could take over that job

Furthermore we are in need of an animator/rigger or an animator and rigger for our monsters. We have already two monsters, which we would like to have animated(e.g. walk cycles, fighting animations and so on). Of course the more animators/riggers the better :wink:

These are the current positions we are still in need of.

Please pm me , if you are interested in taking such jobs. Of course your work will be credited.I would just need your g-mail adresses, so you have access to our docs and there you can see all the progress which has been made so far and can register at our docs.

Thank you!

Here are the two current monsters made entirely by Daniel G. :

that first monster looks quite good, the second one, not so much =/

More screens would be great.

Ok, so here are some more great pics, Josh was the modeler, Vincent the Texturer:


Nice models and textures.

I could have sworn I’ve seen those models in another thread about a game. I must be losin’ it.

Thanks for the kind replies, but I would find it great, if there would be people willing to help us out in the free positions available. That is the actual purpose of this thread^^ :wink:

Anyways here is a great Concept Art of the Dungeon by Vincent and the Level Design for the first part of the Dungeon by me:

Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but I think if you’re looking for people to join a team project, the thread should be created in the ‘Team Projects’ sub-forum. Good luck!

So, what’s your point? Is the other thread not looking for people to help you out? It says on the first page you’re looking for people to help, and so is this thread. You say you want people willing to help out in the ‘free positions?’ So, does that mean people who are already working from the other thread get paid?

Otherwise, this is just another thread to gain exposure when you already have one about the same thing. Especially when you post the same pictures in both places. I’d ask for modelers in the thread you already created…it has more views and posts and will probably get you a lot more attention than creating a dupe.

Ok, I guess you are right, I made a similar post now in out major thread, I think this is better. So this thread can be deleted^^